May 22, 2012

Places We've Been In 1 Year...Antalya and Cappadocia

Ouch..!Turkiye oh Turkiye...The minutes we arrived in Ankara a year ago actually to make sure me and my kids stepped our foot in all European Countries as well as the Turkiye,not for my husband because he's been travelling all around the since he's 10 years old I guessed.Well he's from a rich brought up family of course no doubt about it..he and his family can afforded it.As for me and my kids,all these oversea thing's are totally new for all of us.Anyway unless Allah prohibited we won't be here.Alhamdulillah for all the perks given to us as we never thought that we would be here.

This is a part of Antalya-The Medittranean Sea.

I love Antalya,during summer.No sandy white beach.i would say instead of my hometown sandy beach in Dungun Terengganu,this beach fall number 2 in my heart.Cantiknya Antalya...Thank you Allah for let me see how beautiful is your creation.I hope friends and reader whose have never been here,you should come,during summer...the view are so breathtaking.I will cherish this memories with my loves one forever.

Termessos National Park
On Top of the Roman Theatre - Termessos National Park

The ruins in the jungle surrounded by hills.To cover the whole park on hicking actually to cover the whole area actually 4 to 6 hours,meaning the whole day exploring would be enough,but with the small baby we only spend 3 hours here.Don't worry just get the snickers on and sufficient suppy of water,just enjoy your day in the jungle.
Tuz Golu also known as Salt Lake

Lake Salt.Imagine the whole lake is salt....True...Garam wonder Turkiye never running out of salt.It's about 1 hour drive from our house in Ankara,but we just drop by here on the way to Cappadocia...Another beautiful land of I don't know why in hell people those days wanted to lived underground and such and inside the rocks..well the history speak for itself.

During summer if you travel from Ankara to Cappadochia, kiri kanan depan belakang everywhere the scenery will be SUNFLOWER...SUNFLOWER..SUNFLOWER.and it is as big as your face..I mean my face....Woooohoooo.....
No worries...just mengambil kesempatan kata orang,bila dah balik kampung nanti bila la boleh jumpa bunga matahari lagi...i mean ladang bunga matahari...

Welcome to Cappadocia. foto again

Speechless..Allah Almighty,sesungguh hanya Dia yang mengetahui sesuatu kejadian SUBHANALLAH.

Hot Air Ballon of Cappadocia...pemandangan yang wajib setiap pagi di Cappadocia.Did we take the hot air balloon ride...of course we did...YES WE DID...


  1. pah dah dapat link kan hehehehhe ,seronokkkknya lah duk sana kan,cantiknya subhanallah ciptaanNya

    1. Chik Mimi...dah..dah dapat dah...slow le mimi hehe..trying to get use dgn muka blog ni...

  2. never too late to start a story my friend...for i know for sure....this story of yours will have a HAPPY, TRUTHFUL ENDING :)

    1. Hi raf..tq so much for reading.keep on reading and spying this blog out for next month europe 37days europe trip driving in italy germany and france..keh keh keh..aku nak tgk how far i can go in blogging updating our daily trip.

  3. heheheh can't wait for the europe journey to start huhuuuu....keep up the great story and photos babe!


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