May 23, 2012

Places We've Been in 1 year - Munich Germany

This is actually our 1st trip outside of Turkey..and our 1st time we stepped our foot in the European Land.Munich is in Germany.Gossshhh!we're so damn excited about this trip especially my son Aiman and my daughter Aisyah..except for the youngest one still a baby Aidil.

Munich Airport-Arrival Hall,I don't know about others but we took the photo's all over especially this giant BMW replica.They are the one produced BMW right?Eventhough we can't afford to have one of this but surely it's worth a peny..I mean the flight tickets.

Candlelight Dinner supposed to be only my and my husband but it's ok when the kids joined us too.I won't mind.I love my kids no matter how hard it is to handle 3 kids.But for me and my husband as a family we would like to stay together.Family that eats together stick together.

Hello ? We're in Munich ?What are we doing here.In my previous post click here please you will understand Turkey it's so hard to buy Asian stuff such as Cili Api,FishBall,Kangkung,Sweetened Milk (Susu Pekat daaa).So instead of sightseeing,1st thing   1st the minutes kita jejakkan kaki ke Tanah Eropah-cari kedai runcit menjual brg2 makanan asia.Sebab kami the whole family bukan tekak omputeh,or tekak turki.Kami jenis makan nasi sambal belacan budu.Anyway this is us...maybe others is not like us.Anyway our luggage was full with Asian groceries to take home to Ankara.

The best way to sightseeing in Munich is hop and off way.Yes using that red colour bus.Open top double decker bus.Me,Aiman,Aisyah and Aidil spent our 2nd day in Munich with this bus.

European love statues,everywhere are statues from animal to roman goddes from full dress statues till naked statues.Definately not a good place to bring my mother for holiday,anyway "Jauh Berjalan Luas Pemandangan,Yang Baik2 Jadikan Pedoman Yang Buruk Jadikan Sempadan."

Actually I malas nak merapu-rapu seem the photo's already there right.This is our 1st stop at Nuremberg Palace and Park in Munich.Kami guna bas merah tu ler..hehehe....

Our 2nd stop using this hop and off bus was The Olympic Stadium and Park in Munich.Seem this is in one of the stop,well we all turun and walking around.Huh..not too mentioned,there an Aquarium here..underwater world tapi tak masuk because it's cost us 24Euros per person if I'm not mistaken and for kids is 18Euros..belum pandai lagi jalan-jalan europe in cost saving post i will let you know how...

This stadium and park was huge,we took a small train to cover the park,it's cheap 3Euro per person and it took us to BMW photo...

Crepes anyone ? Try Crepe with Nutella ...yummy.Must google the recipe la...the kids loved it so much.

Crepe filled with Nutella...cost me 3Euro per piece,end up with 4 pieces seem both of them did not have lunch yet.

Why they all dressed like that..can anyone guess ? yes it October Fest.i don't want to elaborate further what is October Fest,but it's fun because we can stop anybody in costume and take photo with them...hahahha...I am laughing because they we all drunk during October Fest and I assume they won't remember who we are....

Sebenarnya banyak gambar-gambar di Munich itself yang kami abadikan.Munich tak la sebesar yang saya bayangkan tetapi paling saya suka kerana keamanan,everyone was doing their own thing in their own way.Germans particularly in Munich I would the local are soft kind hearted of peolple.I don't see any discrimination towards women wearing hijab like me,as I am travelling with my kids without the husband,I find that the locals are very helpful in helping out with directions and etc.Anyway I will not write anything about tips how hotel,flight ticket etc coz this post abt this trip has been done.But in next summer holiday which will be in total of 37days in Gemany,Italy and France-yes it will happen in few weeks more,that trip I will update do's and don't travelling with your kids...driving in these 3 country.So don't worry travelling to Munich on yr own it's safe...hahaha.....

The next was a day trip excursions to Walt Disney inspired castle in Munich.Yeap I was told by the tour guide,Walt Disney Castle was built after they saw and visit this castle called...NEUSCHWANSTEIN....We took a day trip tour by bus organise by the local tourist office.Owh this tickets just purchase at the main railway station and just wait for the bus in the next day at 8.00 am.The photo images was taken from Globe Images Photopages coz this is and upscale photo so that you can see clearly why it inspired Walt Disney to built the same castle for theam it's so beautiful surrounded by hill and jungle...My daughter fall in love with this castle the minute I show her the picture in my Laptop before we go to Munich and in fact the above sightseeing earlier does not interest her that much coz in Munich every day and everytime keep on asking me"Bila kita nak p tengol castle Rapunzel ni"...

That's the end of our journey in Munich...Basically we have covered the whole Munich no doubt about it....There will be more of Gemany in the next 1 year during our stay in Turkey.All of us love Germany and Munich..anyway it's only 3 hour journey by flight from Esenboga Airport in Ankara...definately will be in Munich again and again....


  1. Pah seronoknya jenjalan,tapi hujan batu kat negeri sendiri lagi bestkan

    p/s :why not u ask ur neighbour rcp ,boleh i try then jadi tokey amacam wink wink hehehhe

    1. Indeed mimi,betul la tu..what ever it is i am always wanting to go back ans settle down.these 2 years kita bagi la anak2 enjoy puas2...erm..i'm baking the choc chip this weekend by the way,nak bawak p piknik kat tgh duk skodeng blog u apa nak bawak weekend ni...

  2. salam sherry aka pah...hihiihii
    jauhnya dia merantau, nak ikuttttt....

  3. Salam kenal.
    Singgah n follow sini ye.

    1. salam norzie...dah saya dah balas kunjungan norzie..tq so much for being my follower i really appreciated it so so so much..I pun dah follow yr blog!


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