May 22, 2012

Introduction and Why I am Blogging

Actually I've done a blog before this.A very short and useless one,because I've nothing to say and write eventhough I have so many interesting things happen in my life.The ups and downs,the high times etc.After a year here in Ankara,actually i've done so many thing like cooking and trying new recipe which i learned through  blogger,facebooking,most of it internet.I also travelled so many places already in Europe mainly which up till today I still don't have a proper album for all the memories that we've gone through.So again after a year I've decided to write the so call journal...again,with hope i will not stop again.My cooking book almost full which all handwritten by me one by one recipe from one blog to another blog,i keep on trying to do eventhough many fails too.

Huh..nice family photo isn't?Anyway...among all those family photos taken,love this one so much.In the middle holding the baby,that is me...Sharifah Suriyana.The kids call me IBU at home..The husband call me ANA-when he's in romantic mood,if I so happened spoiled his mood that day sometimes "HELLO?"sometimes"YOU".As you all can see only 3 kids.2 boys and 1 girl is hectic enough for me to handle because before I am a housewife I've been working as a Nightmarket Operator/Peniaga Pasar Malam most of the time my kids will be with the baby sitten and when I get home,they already asleep.But this whole year around the clock,really mencabar keimanan,kesabaran everything you have inside your heart as a mother you name it semua dah rasa.

Park Oran,Turan Gunes,Ankara.This is where we stay in Ankara.1 years gone just a blink of an eye,we have another 1 more year to go.It was a nice place because everything has been catered for.We just go in cuci kaki.Anyway all these only temporary jer.After 1 years everything will be return back to the owner and off we will be flying back to Malaysia.Seriously I do enjoy my life..sapa tak suka duk umah..jaga anak,suami and hal rumahtangga sendiri.But the ugly truth nothing compares to my hometown and everyday I miss my house and my family back in Malaysia especially my mother and my siblings...Well life have to go on,no matter what otherwise my husband will me HELLO forever if I don't follow him.He say this is the last and after this I can do what I love most and I can stay nearer to my family.No more moving around the clock which I am looking forward to settle down,one day..untuk kali penghabisan where I want to concentrate more for my end of days in this world.

I made this in Ankara.I realised that I cooked a lot in Ankara compared before I came here.Last time in Malaysia,you named it semua tunjuk,and parking kereta,siap.nak makan apa semua ada.But when we came here OMG...tak boleh..tak boleh.Semua tak boleh.This is Beef Rendang with Nasi Himpit.Our Malaysia delicacies.This why my handwritten cooking book is getting full and with this journal def.I will copy everything in here for my own reference and think about it,i hope my kids also can make a full use of this jounal as their guidelines in the life.

Yes...I cooked this one too using whatever source yang ada di bumi Ankara.

Since we are in Ankara..yes it's in Europe but divided into 2 section..The part we are staying Ankara is in Asia and Istanbul is in Europe.A very nice country...full of Islamic history and also Christianity history.I love everything in Turkiye but Ankara....erm there nothing much to see here except for shopping still cheap..the rest i would say more like a struggle for all of us especially the food.Asian food stuff for me was like a gold and diamond.It's very difficult to get asian food stuff here,no joke guys..

Jadi itu ler serba sedikit why I think it's a good idea la for me to  share my experience.Lagipun only left 1 more year to go.We will see how many and much I can write.For those who come across my blog please bear in mind,I do this because I have nothing to do here,I don't have a job,just another housewife mumbling for nothing.


  1. salam che pah lompat dr GTPM ni bahse turkey tu heheheh

  2. Chik Mimi..tu la ni tgh duk kiri kanan lagi..thank you for being a follower..give me yr link,i duk try carik2 kot sangkut dgn link you ni,boleh i follow yr blog.

  3. salam kenal kak (betuk ke akak, saya Ros 36). hehe, sama2 perantau & lebih kurang cerita akak. sementara di negara org ni, sama2 la kita survive.


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